African Climate Roundtable

Scaling up climate finance and adaptation towards greater resilience in Africa

7 & 8 May 2024 | Hybrid event | The Forum The Campus, Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa & Online

The African Climate Action Roundtable is a pivotal two-day event, meticulously designed to gather stakeholders from diverse sectors to address pressing challenges in Africa's climate action and food security landscape. Co-organised by prominent global actors and esteemed African institutions in the climate change and food security spaces, this roundtable seeks to drive collaboration, innovation, and coordination of efforts for sustainable change.

Why attend?


Gain valuable insights and understanding of the latest developments, challenges, and solutions in tackling climate issues specific to Africa. Attend informative sessions and discussions led by experts to deepen your knowledge and awareness of climate-related matters on the continent.


    Network and engage with fellow participants, including policymakers, industry leaders, researchers fostering connections and collaborations that can lead to meaningful partnerships and initiatives aimed at addressing climate change in Africa.


    Explore innovative approaches, technologies, and strategies aimed at mitigating climate change impacts and promoting sustainability across various sectors.